The Roadmap to End the Global Drug Policy Problem: It’s ruining lives, damaging communities and destabilising countries

The global drug policy problem

“What we have come to regard as ‘drugs’ is a social and cultural construct lacking any pharmacological evidence base.”

“Prohibition too, has distorted and thwarted our thinking on drug prevention, drug eduction and drug treatment which have instead become preoccupied with avoiding ‘drugs’”

Courtesy of Drug Policy Alliance:

“‘Drug’ enforcement has been deeply divisive — targeting the poor, the indigenous, people of colour, and people from black and minority ethnic groups”

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What needs to be done?

“…people who are both white and privileged are rarely captured in the ever extending enforcement net of prohibition.”

“Legal Regulation is a somewhat vague ‘rally call’ from drug law reformers a little like a rallying call asking the government to take control of drugs.”

“Regulation that perpetuates a two tier system of state approved drugs that can only be purchased; and unapproved drugs which are banned; simply replicates the existing oppressive model.”

Protesters demand an “end to the new Jim Crow.”. Joe Brusky/

Those who suffered most under Prohibition must be the first to be protected in any new regime.

The way forward

“We should not support any Legal Regulation model that includes punishing adults for personal possession or consumption of ‘unapproved’ substances. This is a fundamental human right abuse”

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Decriminalisation — the low hanging fruit

“…the key reform priority is to end all law enforcement for adult drug possession, cultivation and production for personal use.”

“…hopefully we have learned lessons from alcohol and tobacco regulation, so forewarned and forearmed — we can do a much better job living with all drugs.”

Retired Professor, international expert in drug policy, researcher, public speaker, writer and ex UN advisor.

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